New Mersey crossing fines to be “pumped back into their running” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

New Mersey crossing fines to be “pumped back into their running”

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The people behind the Mersey Gateway project between Runcorn and Widnes say revenues from tolls and fines will go to Halton Council with most reallocated on the project.

The Liverpool Echo reports that anyone failing to pay the toll on either the new Mersey Gateway bridge or the new charge on the existing Silver Jubilee crossing may face a visit from the bailiffs.

The report adds that the consortium has not said what exact proportion of the cash will be used for the bridge project and what will be left for the local authority.

However the operators promise that no personal data will be sold to third parties with road user data being deleted when no longer needed, which could vary between one month and seven years depending on the type of information and whether an event has happened that means it needs to be kept as potential evidence.

(Picture – @Merseygateway on Twitter)


Hi, I am travelling to Liverpool airport next week the 11th at about 04.00, can anyone tell me if the charge will be in force by then and if so how do I pay?? I have 24 hours before I will be given a penalty charge, but will not be in the country and have no access to the internet for me to do this. ( may have to consider using Manchester airport again )
A lot of people will not be aware of this until they reach the bridge who may be in a similar position.
Can I suggest they put a toll booth at the airport for thickies like me.