Nearly 200,000 PCNs issued to foreign vehicles at Dartford | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Nearly 200,000 PCNs issued to foreign vehicles at Dartford

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Highways England has declared that 192,293 Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) have been passed onto the European Debt Recovery Agency since the Dartford Crossing became a free flow crossing.

Responding to a Freedom of Information Request, the numbers involved cover the period from 30th November, when the toll barriers were phased out, to 7th July.

There have been around half a million crossings by non-UK registered vehicles so far during chargeable hours (6am-10pm).

Highways England says it will publish how many of these PCNs have been subsequently paid in due course.  It says it can take longer to recover unpaid money from foreign vehicles because it can take up to two months to receive the information about registered keepers abroad.

In the response, Highways England stressed it has provided information about the Dart Charge in ten languages, distributed at ports, on ferries and through European motoring organisations.

It says it is serious about pursuing non-payers, regardless of their country of origin.


The promise made in the past was that this crossing would become free of charges. That promise would appear to have been broken.
Now you have nearly 200,000 non payers to chase up abroad and goodness knows how many non-payers in UK vehicles.
Aren’t the fees being charged simply being used up in the attempt to reclaim the fees?
It is well past the time when these charges to use a road were dropped.

Foreign drivers are well used to toll roads. But toll roads where you need to go online to pay beforehand? Or use a mobile phone from country X that may not work in country Y? Never going to happen. That’s £7 million the UK can kiss goodbye to.

Would it really have been so awful to have a booth (or two) for out-of-towners, while the London population breeze through using pre-paid Dart Charge?