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MVIS/Bartco owner laments lack of promotion of his solutions

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The owner of the British/Australian SMEs MVIS and Bartco has said that restrictions on his ability to publicise the projects he’s delivered may be harming his business.

Pat Musgrave was chatting to Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton at the ITS European Congress in Glasgow.

He’d told Paul there were many projects he has been working on that are very exciting, but that he’s not allowed to talk about them at the moment.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” he said.  “A lot of it comes from Government level, which is even worse.  You spend a lot of time and money investing in a product, they ask you to jump through hoops, they ask you to change a product at the last minute.  A lot of investment goes into all that, and then you’re not allowed to publicise it.

“You should be able to sing from the treetops when you have a good product that works well and is reliable, and you can grow your businesses from that.  It’s the most frustrating thing in the world that you’re not allowed to shout about your successes.”

Musgrave expanded on this saying, “one of the things about being a small player in the market is that we have a very good product but if you can’t sing from the treetops you miss out on opportunities because people go to the bigger players.  You can do as much publicity as you want… but people need to know what you’ve done… and the only way you can do that is with proper case studies.”

In a wide-ranging interview, he also talks about his work getting certification to trade within the EU and also his partner company in Australia, and how he’s looking forward to promoting the businesses at the World Congress in Melbourne.

You can hear the full interview here:


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