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MVIS solution installed on A14 scheme

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The first ITS solution enabling real-time journey information from the National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC) to be displayed on portable variable message signs, has been deployed on the A14.

The works on the road through Cambridgeshire is the largest scheme in Highways England’s current programme, and the MVIS solution is designed to promote easier road user interpretation.

MVIS’s DATEX Journey Time Solution (JTS) is enabling an average of 85,000 drivers daily who use the 21 mile stretch of road involved in the £1.5bnupgrade scheme, to navigate the roadworks easily and efficiently, minimising journey disruption.

The A14 Integrated Delivery Team (IDT), working on behalf of Highways England, contracted MVIS to deploy its largest DATEX JTS to date, incorporating 26 VMS. The Bartco UK VMS-Cs display journey times from their locations to the end of the affected stretch of road, informing drivers of the predicted journey duration and if possible, enabling them to select alternative routes.

The journey times shown are calculated using DATEX II actual time journey time data collected from in-vehicle sensors and relayed by NTOC. These times are renewed every five minutes. The messages displayed replicate precisely those shown on Highways England’s fixed signs, promoting better continuity and ease of motorist interpretation than has previously been available, when information featured on temporary VMS has not been generated by NTOC.

Of the decision to appoint MVIS, the A14 IDT’s project director, Mark Berg, said, “MVIS’s pioneering DATEX JTS enables us to provide accurate and easily interpreted journey time information to drivers as they navigate the stretch of road on which we are working.

“Together with Highways England, we aim to optimise road users’ experience and this new solution is helping us to achieve that objective as we strive to deliver long-term improvements to this exceptionally busy route.”

Graeme Lee, MVIS’s sales manager said, “We’re delighted to have this opportunity to implement our new solution on such a significant project. We’ve built a strong reputation both for innovation and trustworthy delivery, and it’s a pleasure to deploy both on this considerable scheme.”

MVIS is an industry leader in the delivery of temporary ITS products and integrated solutions. Its products and solutions are created by Bartco UK. The company is ISO registered in quality and environmental management. MVIS’ solar powered solutions incorporate monitoring and visual information equipment: VMS, ANPR and CCTV cameras, radar and Intellicone contactless sensor technology.


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