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More funding needed to repair flood-damaged roads

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Howard Robinson from the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) wants the government to provide extra funding for road repair and maintenance.

This follows the wettest winter since 1766 with the Met office confirming that England and Wales endured 435mm (17.1inches) of rainfall from 1 December to 24 February.

The impact on the road network has been considerable with local authorities having to dig deep into ever decreasing budgets to find the funding for repairs. The cost of repairing Surrey’s roads and bridges is estimated to be £12.5m while Hereford County Council estimates it will cost £2.85m and

Worcestershire County Council has ring-fenced £700,000 for repairs.

RSTA chief executive Howard Robinson said: “The impact of the widespread flooding on the road network is considerable and will only become really apparent as the flood waters subside. The road foundations will have been undermined whilst the road surface will be damaged.

“Highway budgets are already severely stretched with current funding levels being inadequate to fulfil current road maintenance programmes let alone the unprecedented flood damage. Local authorities will struggle to find the resources for this additional financial burden. The government must make funding available for flood repairs.”

In response to the flooding, the government has announced a series of flooding resilience studies into the UK’s transport network.

“These studies must examine the flood resilience of our road network and provide councils with the support that they need to ensure correct levels of maintenance,” adds Robinson.


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