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Mobileye tech going into eight million cars

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The Intel subsidiary Mobileye has agreed to supply its EyeQ5 chips for integration into eight million semi-autonomous cars being manufactured in Europe by 2021. reports that the unidentified manufacturer will use a solution far more powerful than that available today, quoting the company’s CEO and CTO, Professor Amnon Shashua as saying, “The current system on roads today includes approximately one-tenth of the computing power we will have available [then].”

His statement also says that there is extensive testing going on now in Mobileye’s home city of Jerusalem, “The first phase of the Intel and Mobileye 100-car autonomous vehicle (AV) fleet has begun operating in the challenging and aggressive traffic conditions of Jerusalem. The technology is being driven on the road to demonstrate the power of the Mobileye approach and technology, to prove that the Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) model increases safety, and to integrate key learnings into our products and customer projects.

“In the coming months, the fleet will expand to the U.S. and other regions. While our AV fleet is not the first on the road, it represents a novel approach that challenges conventional wisdom in multiple areas. Leveraging over 20 years of experience in computer vision and artificial intelligence, our vehicles are proving the Mobileye-Intel solution is the most efficient and effective.”


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