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Mobileye produces formula to demonstrate driverless safety

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Intel’s subsidiary Mobileye says it believes it has created a mathematical formula to ensure that a self-driving vehicle operates in a “responsible manner” and does not cause accidents for which it can be blamed.

The website Silicon Republic reports that the “Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) model” provides specific and measurable parameters for the human concepts of responsibility and caution and defines a “safe state”, where the autonomous vehicle cannot be the cause of an accident no matter what action is taken by other vehicles.

“The ability to assign fault is the key,” it quotes Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua as saying. “Just like the best human drivers in the world, self-driving cars cannot avoid accidents due to actions beyond their control.”

It adds that the RSS model formalises this in a way that ensures self-driving cars will operate only within the framework defined as “safe” according to clear definitions of fault that are agreed upon across the industry and by regulators.


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