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Mobileye boss predicts accident-free future

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The CEO of Israeli company Mobileye is predicting that the car accidents will be a thing of the past within 20 years.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Zim Aviram said the pace of change will depend on the risks auto manufacturers are prepared to take.

Mobileye makes Automatic Driver Assistance Systems based on in-car camera technology.  The report says that Mr Aviram regularly drives part of the 42-mile journey from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv with no hands, the car slowing and accelerating independently with software that, he says will reach consumers for the first time this year.

The biggest hurdle, the report says, is the liability automakers may have to assume in putting the cars on the road.  That’s why Mobileye is choosing to phase in its semi-autonomous driving system in three parts over the next six years: highways, country roads, and then city streets.

“It’s not only the technology but also the world,” he says. “You need two to tango.”


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