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Micron Ventures invests in urban air mobility pioneer Volocopter

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Micron Technology has announced that its strategic investment entity, Micron Ventures, is taking part in a Series C investment round in urban air mobility pioneer Volocopter.

A builder of electrically powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft that meet the safety standards of today’s aviation vehicles and exceed those of helicopters, Volocopter seeks to commercialise autonomous, on-demand air taxi services.

Micron Technology said that with nearly a decade of experience testing its air taxi technology, the German-based startup’s electrically powered vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft address the increasing need to transform megacity transportation systems and provide people with new commuting options.

“Volocopter is an exciting company that’s well-positioned to revolutionise the mobility and transportation market and contribute to building a sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure,” said René Hartner, vice president of Corporate Business Development at Micron Technology. “Micron’s investment in Volocopter aligns with our view of the critical role that memory and storage solutions play in enabling the breakthrough capabilities needed for autonomous vehicles and edge computing.”

Micron is a memory supplier for the automotive industry, with high-performance solutions that facilitate advancements in autonomous driving, virtual reality and air travel. Micron Venture’s investment in Volocopter reflects the company’s constant scouting for new, innovative solutions.

“We’re proud to have Micron partner with us as we execute on our bold vision to bring urban air mobility to life,” said Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter. “Volocopter helps megacities transform their mobility infrastructure toward a more sustainable future. We aim to offer affordable, autonomous, on-demand air taxi services to transport people in megacities — all for the price of a taxi ride and with significant time savings.”

In addition to air taxis, Volocopter is also developing the ecosystem around urban air mobility while working with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency on securing Type I certification to transport people commercially. This effort includes VoloPorts that connect VoloCity aircraft with key inner-city traffic hubs, such as airports and business districts.


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