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Mersey Gateway fines top £1 million

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Drivers using the new Mersey Gateway bridge have been fined between £3m and £1m in penalty notices during its first month of operation.

The Liverpool Echo reports that 50,000 penalty charge notices (PCNs) were issued during the period October 14 to November 14 and that if every one of those people paid the standard £40 PCN, the bridge’s owners would receive £2m.

It adds that those who pay within 14 days will see the cost drop to £20, while those who leave it longer than 28 days to pay or make representations can see their fines rise to £60. If everyone paid the lesser level the total cost of fines for the month would come to £1m while the higher fine would bring it to £3m.

A representative of the Mersey Gateway Crossing Board (MGCB) told the newspaper the first month was “untypical” and should not be used to make long term forecasts.

The spokeswoman added that fines levied would go towards the £1.86bn project’s construction and maintenance costs and that drivers had made more than two million crossings on the Mersey Gateway in the first month and 95% of users paid on time.


It is not clear from the web articles as to who actually paid for the construction.

There is mention of a consortium between Halton Council and MerseyLink
But no display of contribution?

If as would be expected this is a Public Project funded by the Government of the day.

Then the bridge is public property and not subject to any form of toll or tax.
In consideration of this Present Government to spend and improve NORTHERN TRANSPORT SYSTEMS then when the recently quoted per ca pita development of £5000 below the Watford Gap compared with £247 for the Northern hemisphere above the Watford Gap.

Two wrongs never made a right.
Just greedy consortium’s who are and in the case of Halton Council, should be working for the public benefit.