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Mapping improvement aims to prevent stuck lorries

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A new satnav project aims to stop lorries and other vehicles getting stuck in narrow lanes and under low-lying bridges on UK routes.

The BBC reports that Ordnance Survey is creating a database that will contain information about 200,000 miles  of roadways to prevent such accidents.

Sat-nav makers will need to pay to get access to the full data.

“The new database will provide the sat-nav manufacturers with the ability to make journeys for HGV drivers safer and more cost-efficient and that’s a big issue for us,” Richard Burnett, the chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, told the BBC.

“However, the new technology can only be considered a real success if each of the sat-nav providers sign up to the new system.”

The National Digital Road Map database will include information about:

  • Road widths
  • Weight restrictions
  • Bridge heights
  • Restrictions on left or right turns at junctions

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