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MAN releases new DriverConnect app for fleets

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MAN is to unveil its new DriverConnect app which, it says, establishes “an optimal connection between driver and dispatcher.”

SBD’s Telematics News reports that both are able to communicate quickly and simply with one another by means of text messages, meaning information or changes are to hand without any time delay and are easy to access again at any time.

The app allows drivers to send user-definable quick text messages at the touch of a button and in doing so, keep the dispatcher up to date regarding arrival at the destination address, breaks, status or breakdowns.  The driver receives information regarding orders and addresses which he can accept through the MAN navigation system integrated in the vehicle which it says avoids transmission and typing errors.  The destination is therefore arrived at directly without any misunderstandings and unnecessary driving around to find the address.  On the other hand, the report says, the fleet manager and dispatcher retain an overview of trips and orders.

The app is designed to make everyday work easier for the driver by taking him routinely through the departure checks.  Any items which occur can easily be recorded, are not forgotten during the course of the day and can be processed quickly.

In the event of a breakdown, the app transmits all the relevant information so that the truck in difficulty can quickly be reached by the service team. The mobile 24 service, which has been informed by the fleet manager, can respond to the breakdown call immediately and the mechanic can be prepared so that they leave with the necessary equipment and replacement parts.

(Picture – SBD’s Telematics News)



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