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Majority of drivers are connected in car – survey

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A survey of 1,200 car owners in America suggests more than half of them are connected in their vehicles.

Metova found that more than 50% of those surveyed have a vehicle that connects to the Internet via phone or direct connection, while 88% value new technology in their vehicles.

The connected, cybersecurity and IoT company added that a fifth of new car buyers would walk away from a purchase if the vehicle was not connected, even if it had every other feature they wanted.

Andrew Cowart, CTO at Metova, says, “The key for a company looking to take advantage of connected vehicles is determining whether your company is a fit. Do you provide a service or information that would be useful to someone in a car, whether that be the driver or passengers? Some common themes we see from companies that do well in connected vehicles are music or audio playback, weather, mapping, location-based services, applications with strong speech-to-text abilities, and (for passengers) entertainment applications.”


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