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Major resurfacing carried out on M8 in Scotland

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A road construction vehicle known as Paisley’s Flaming Dragon has been used to carry out major resurfacing work on the M8 Whitecart Viaduct in Scotland.

The vehicle worked lane by lane to replace the worn out surfacing on both eastbound and westbound carriageways of the M8.

Philippa Ayton, Scotland TranServ’s bridges manager, said: “This is an exciting machine. Once the road has been planed, the Flaming Dragon heats the remaining surface to extreme temperatures, melting what’s left before blending it with fresh material to construct a new top layer. Because most of the surface is reconstituted it reduces the amount of waste. Normally more of the top layer would need to be removed and sent to landfill, but at Scotland TranServ, on behalf of Transport Scotland we’re working hard to maintain and improve our roads network using more sustainable methods.”

The specialist roads crews resurfaced an 800m stretch each night, working a lane at a time. Around 50 engineers worked nightly to improve the quality of the Whitecart Viaduct surface, delivering tangible benefits to local drivers. This section of the M8 is also one of the first impressions visitors to the city will get ahead of this summer’s Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Russell Rennie, Scotland TranServ’s contract director, added: “First impressions count and that’s why, on behalf of Transport Scotland, we’re investing to improve the roads network along this stretch of the M8. Scotland TranServ has invested around £40 million in the last year to improve and maintain the trunk roads network across south west Scotland, supporting the economic growth and development of the region. We’re delivering tangible benefits to our customers – the motoring public, that will last for many years to come.”


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