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Maintenance-free vehicle detection is the future – audio

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Drivers would be spared years of delays if road authorities switched to below-ground vehicle detection, according to the Managing Director of Radix Traffic.

Brian Cherry has told Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton that the solution, which involves embedding a detector in a duct below the road, lasts 15 years with no maintenance and no need to disrupt traffic flow.

The detector monitors changes in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by vehicles moving over it.

“The beauty is that once it’s installed – and it’s very quick and easy to install – there is no maintenance,” he said.  “So it will sit there for its design life of 15 years and not require any maintenance.  If there is any resurfacing, it can be simply pulled out into the side of the carriageway, they can resurface the road and it can be pushed back into the lane of interest and traffic will keep on moving.

“One of the selling points is for the replacement of inductive loops.  So where a loop has failed we can very quickly and simply install our detector where the loop was positioned without closing the road so there is no need for any traffic management to install our detector where the duct already exists under the carriageway.”

You can hear the whole interview with Brian Cherry here:


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