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MaaS “won’t work without solid technology”

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The company behind smart ticketing solutions around the world has published a detailed white paper on Mobility as a Service, saying no MaaS effort can be fully successful without a solid technological base to enable it.

In the report, Cubic Transportation Systems’ President Matt Cole calls for public transit companies to play a pivotal role to shape and drive implementation of MaaS in the future.

The report discusses how the solid technological base must be made up of three key platforms: a single account for all travel needs, an integrated, real-time journey-planning platform, and a centralised congestion management platform.

It also explains why, in Cubic’s view, commercial mobility service providers alone cannot address the complex issues faced by cities today, such as congestion, safety, security, social inclusion and a need for integrated regulation, coordination and policy.

Cubic says that early adoption has positioned MaaS as a private sector initiative but with public transit at its heart, and that MaaS can bring many benefits to cities, communities and transit agencies but details the role it thinks that local authorities and governments should play in the overall MaaS picture, explaining what responsibilities should remain in the hands of authorities and which can and should be outsourced to third parties.

You can read the full white paper here.


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