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MaaS “unlocks benefits of ITS” – opinion

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One of the grandees of the UK’s ITS industry says that Mobility as a Service is a “much more understandable” title for what the industry does.

ITS Solutions Director at Xerox, Richard Harris told Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton: “we’ve failed as an industry to unlock the community-wide benefits of ITS.  So we have systems that help niche users, we have instrumented some of our roads but not all of them, we’ve failed to join the integration to join mobility up with different modes.  We’ve failed to engage the public with ITS.”

But he sees a brighter future, “I think the benefit of Mobility as a Service is that it’s a much more understandable title for what we’re trying to do.  There’s a range of services we can offer.  It could be you pay a subscription for access to everything or you could have a single account.  The trick to all of this is the joining up of the information and providing it in a simple, understandable and interactive way.”

You can hear the full interview here in which Richard really explains the potential and where we are now here:


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