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M62 team reunite lost dog with owners

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Site workers from the Bam Nuttall/Morgan Sindall joint venture on the M62 have reunited a lost dog with its distraught owners.

Operatives on the managed motorway upgrade job spotted two-year-old Parson Russell Terrier Norman wandering along the roadworks lane.

Norman had gone missing two days earlier while out jogging with owner David Hardy.

The family from were distraught at Norman’s disappearance.

Mum, Karen Hardy, who lives with David and their two sons, Sam, 23, and Will, 16, in Cleckheaton, said: “David had taken Norman out for a jog to the paper shop, but on the way there he got startled by a bigger dog and he ran away.

“David chased after him, but it was like he had disappeared into thin air.

“We spent all day on Sunday and Monday looking for him, and Sam circulated his photo on Facebook. We were fraught, and when it got to Monday without any sign of him, we thought we would never see him again. Norman has been a part of the family since he was a puppy, and we desperately wanted him back.

“We could hardly believe it when we got the call and we’re so grateful to everyone who helped bring him home – including the workmen who found him, the Yorkshire Animal Ambulance and the people who posted on Facebook.

“I dread to think what could have happened to him on the motorway, or if he had caused an accident. Norman was a little subdued when he first got back home, but now he is back to his usual self.”

David Pilsworth, project manager for the M62 managed motorway scheme, said: “When you’re working on a live motorway, you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected, and it’s very fortunate that Norman was spotted by a couple of our road workers before he came to any harm or caused an accident.

“We’re delighted to hear that he is now safely back at home where he belongs.”


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