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M4 Smart Motorway work getting underway

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Work to convert a 32 mile stretch of the M4 west of London into a smart motorway is getting underway.

The initial works are beginning between Junction 8/9 (Maidenhead) and 10 (Reading East, A329(M)).  In total the stretch from Junction 4B near the M25 to Junction 12 at Theale will be upgraded.  The work is expected to be completed in 2022.

Highways England says it will also start work on four bridges between Junction 8/9 and Junction 7.  It says the more complex section of the scheme, progressing east from Junction 8/9 towards Junction 3 will be started in May 2019.


These Smart Motorways are a joke. They are not only dangerous but create congestion and hold ups which were never there previously. You only have top look at the M25 around the M40 M4 junctions to see what a stupid idea it is to reduce speed limits on traffic that had been flowing fine until they hit these variable speed limits. This then spreads right the way down the M25 until the end of the useless gantries. What is achieved other than to cost people inconvenience and lost time. Highway England is not fit for purpose. If you have all traffic running at 50 MPH three or four miles back all those that were traveling at a higher speed all catch and the end result is mass bunching up and even lower speeds. There really are some idiots in Highways England and the government dept that control it.