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Lyft challenges drivers to ditch their cars

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The ridesharing company Lyft says it is taking a “bold step toward creating a better future for our cities, our planet and future generations” by encouraging drivers to ditch their cars.

It says achieving its vision of creating cities for people and not cars starts with having the freedom to choose from multiple, cost-effective and sustainable options to get where you’re going and that its  Ditch Your Car programme offers passengers transportation credit to give up their cars for 30 days from 8 October.

It says Participants will have access to Lyft Shared, Zipcar, local transit and bike share partners in more than 35 cities across the USA.

“We are on the brink of a massive shift in personal transportation, moving away from ownership and into transportation as a service,” said Co-Founder and President, John Zimmer. “Ditch Your Car is an extension of the mission we’ve been committed to for over a decade.”

“At Zipcar, we’ve long envisioned a world where car sharing outnumbers car ownership, making our cities greener, healthier and more walkable,” added Zipcar President, Tracey Zhen. “We’re challenging more people to join us and ‘test drive’ the low-car lifestyle by taking full advantage of the many mobility options now available in our cities.”

Lyft explains it is is committed to bringing together the public and private sector to shift behaviour and drive down personal car ownership nationwide.


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