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Lorry drivers caught with feet on the dashboard

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Lorry drivers have been caught on camera by Suffolk police with their feet on the dashboard, eating sandwiches and using computers.

A week-long clampdown known as Operation Wyken, stopped about 170 drivers.

The majority of the 184 offences recorded were for drivers not wearing a seatbelt but a “significant” amount were stopped for using a mobile phone.

Sgt Paul Ward told the BBC it highlighted that a “disappointing amount of people have the wrong attitude” when driving.

Officers in the unmarked vehicle monitored traffic on the A11, A12 and A14.

Sgt Ward described one driver as “eating a sandwich with his left hand, holding a magazine with his right and it appeared like he had one finger around the steering wheel”.

Another was seen with his feet on the dashboard.

“Even if he’s got cruise control on his truck, if his feet are on the dashboard he’s not in a position to brake if something happens in front of him,” said Sgt Ward.

He added: “We’ve seen evidence of people using other devices such as palm tops, iPads, sat nav – drivers just aren’t looking at the road ahead.”


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