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London reports on “The Future of Smart”

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The Greater London Authority has published a report updating progress on the “Smart London Plan” which advises, develops and promotes the use of digital infrastructure and data in the capital.

The document “The Future of Smart” says that in the two years since the Smart London Board was set up, it has “succeeded in keeping London at the forefront in a data-driven world, funding and launching a range of new projects and developing a wide community of participants.”

But, it says, more needs to be done.  “The twin challenges of economic growth and a growing population are putting a strain on London’s housing, healthcare and transport infrastructure,” it continues.  “The environment remains a challenge, particularly air quality.  Technology is changing apace.  London can stay ahead by expanding projects like its driverless vehicle programme. In these tough conditions, standing still is not an option.

“We must invest more in London’s data infrastructure.  Doing so will help the city be brilliantly placed to make the most of the Internet of Things.  It must be better connected too.  That means making super-fast broadband available to everyone in London and investing in digital skills.”

It has a large section on Digital Greenwich which trumpets the smart city initiatives including the GATEway driverless car project.

“We have been working hard at City Hall to open up London’s data and build new tools to see how to best deal with our growing capital,” writes Mayor Boris Johnson in his introduction, “working closely with Londoners, industry and the Smart London Board, we are doing all we can to ensure London takes advantage of the opportunities presented by technology – both now and in the future. I would like to give a special thanks to the Smart London Board for building and keeping the momentum going.”

Chair of the Smart London Board Professor David Gann CBE added, “The Board is proud of its success in winning new funding for London and for its collaboration with other cities in the UK, Europe and beyond Working in partnership with London’s universities, Catapults, Tech City, digital businesses and infrastructure providers, we have proven the case for London as a smart city. We have built the foundations to take advantage of the many opportunities to harness the power of the Internet of Things and the Cloud, making data a core part of London’s infrastructure.”

You can read the whole report here.


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