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Lessons learned from self-driving trials revealed

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A number of lessons from Waymo’s self-driving car trials in Phoenix have been revealed, including the best way to wake up sleeping passengers.

CNBC reports that the suggestions of 400 users over the last year have been collated as passengers have let the driverless vehicles “whisk them to work, shopping centres, the bar, or anywhere else within a 100-square-mile area.”

It adds that riders have been filing the non-technical equivalent of bug reports, using the cars’ rider support call buttons and in-app feedback forms to point out issues with the service and highlight use cases that Waymo researchers might have missed.

Among the lessons are that the vehicles need to get better at designating specific pick-up entrances at a store so that frustrated riders won’t have to lug shopping bags through the hot sun to reach a car, while passengers say that on narrower streets, they prefer to cross the road to reach a car, instead of having it drive to the end of a road, turn around and come back.

CNBC adds that other experience suggested that the company needs to figure out how to accommodate people with service animals (it figured this out after a query from a passenger) and that the best way to wake sleeping passengers is with a little chime sound.


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