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Leicester wants surface dressing supplier

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Leicestershire County Council is looking for a supplier of road repair materials under a one-year contract worth £3.5m.

An OJEU notice for the deal said the council wants “Road-repair materials. Tankers. Surface dressing. Road-surfacing materials. Road-maintenance materials. The framework is for the supply and direct delivery of suitable binder products to 2 separate Leicestershire County Council depots, to enable Leicestershire County Council to carry out their annual surface dressing works.

“This is to include the provision of a tanker with spray bar for application of the product and suitable tanks for storage of the product.

“The period of work is estimated at 20 weeks from April 2013. Anticipated quantities of binder are to be as follows – 2,000 tonnes (2,000,000 litres). Initial contract period is 12 months commencing on 1.4.2013 with 3 further 12 months extension options.”

Potential bidders must register their interest by March 1 with astern Shires Purchasing Organisation (see www.espo.org ) on behalf of Leicestershire County Council Barnsdale Way, Grove Park, Enderby LE19 1ES Leicester UNITED KINGDOM +44 1162657926 tenders@espo.org +44 1162944399


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