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Leeds “ideal place to trial driverless cars”

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A leading transport expert is promoting Leeds as an “ideally placed” city  to pilot driverless cars, robotic surgery and other cutting edge technologies.

The Yorkshire Evening Post quotes Professor Adam Beaumont, chief executive and founder of aql, as saying that the location of the city’s data centres meant it was the perfect location to handle innovations which will require rapid real time decision-making by new technologies.

He says that, unlike most cities, Leeds’s data centres are all located in and around the city centre, meaning that the transfer of data to our central computing centres can happen rapidly. This would mean that innovations such as driverless cars, robotic surgery, and logistics operations being carried out by drones and other driverless vehicles could be effectively piloted in Leeds.

It also quotes him as saying, “5G is a technology which is just starting to crystallise. It is basically the next standard of mobile communications. “If you have a connectivity like 5G you need to consider what are the best use cases. These include autonomous vehicles, self-parking vehicles, self-docking logistics. In essence the idea would be to free up prime city centre real estate used for parking, by allowing people to drive into city, be dropped off and have a car which will go and park itself.”


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