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LED street light replacement programme to take place

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Buckinghamshire County Council is set to replace 7,500 street lights with light emitting diodes (LEDs) over the next three years.

The local authority’s business investment group (BIG) recently approved the lighting replacement strategy that will be implemented mainly across the A and B road network.

According to the council, LED technology brings numerous benefits, which include:

• Reduced energy costs

• Lower carbon emissions vs traditional units

• Reduced maintenance costs vs traditional units

LED lighting provides on average 50-60% reduction to annual energy consumption when compared to traditional lighting and has an extended life of 20 years as opposed to the standard three to six years for a traditional lamp, therefore reducing maintenance costs greatly.

The current lighting columns will remain in situ and the project focuses solely on changing the lantern in order to provide best value.

The replacement programme is being part funded by the council and SALIX, an independent not-for-profit company, funded by the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Replacements will commence in Autumn 2013. More than 1,000 street lights will be replaced by the end of December 2013 with a further 1,550 across the county by the end of March 2014.

The programme to replace street lights in residential areas across the county is subject to future funding but is in progress, with a view to achieving 90% LED across the county within a five-year period.

Councillor Janet Blake, cabinet member for planning and transportation, said: “By working with the Department for Energy and Climate Change we’ll be able to make a positive difference. The introduction of LED technology across the county produces twofold benefits – money will be saved on behalf of local taxpayers whilst cutting our carbon footprint at the same time.”


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