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Keysight introduces new Automotive Cybersecurity Programme

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Test and measurement vendor Keysight Technologies has introduced its new Automotive Cybersecurity Programme that delivers a broad cybersecurity portfolio. 

The portfolio includes hardware, software and services to address the growing concern of cyber-attacks on connected vehicles.

Keysight Technologies said it understands the risks that connected and automated cars pose and offers solutions to test and measure connected vehicle technologies, which includes the newly announced Automotive Cybersecurity Programme. The programme validates the resiliency of connected components of a vehicle, individually or as an entirely functioning automobile prior and post deployment, according to Keysight.

In addition, security solutions developed by Ixia Solutions Group (ISG), enables Keysight to deliver extensive security validations of the 4G/5G radio access network (RAN) infrastructure that connects vehicles, and the back-end data centres that manage business operations.

Keysight said ISG’s visibility solutions deliver an enhanced infrastructure that improves the efficiency of security tool sets in production networks. Keysight provides test and measurement of cybersecurity effectiveness from the ECU level up to the cloud data centre.

Mark Pierpoint, president of Ixia Solutions Group, a Keysight business said, ‘Early assessment, prior to production, is essential to enabling our automotive customers to deliver safe and supportable vehicles.’

‘Potential issues identified post production, with the risk of recalls, cost orders of magnitude more to repair than when found during pre-deployment testing, notwithstanding the possible loss of human life. Continued detection and mitigation of cybersecurity threats once vehicles are on the road are equally critical to keep consumers safe. Cybersecurity testing is an essential defence to ensure the design and implementation of a bullet-proof security posture in connected vehicles,’ added Pierpoint.

Tom Goetzl, Automotive & Energy Solutions business general manager for Keysight said, ‘Cars today support multiple communication methods, like Bluetooth and USB while a growing number of cars use mobile communication for a variety of services available in the car. Keysight’s Automotive Cyber security programme can test for vulnerabilities on all available communication ports and provides direction to our customers on how to close such vulnerabilities.’


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