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JLR, Ford and Tata testing connected cars in Britain

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Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Tata Motors are testing connected cars which can communicate with each other using technology designed to speed up journeys and cut accidents, which are understood to be the first such trials in Britain.

Reuters reports that cars which are able to warn drivers when another connected vehicle brakes suddenly and those which can monitor traffic signals and regulate their speed to encounter fewer red lights have been showcased by UK Autodrive.

It says the increasingly sophisticated technology in vehicles is paving the way for fully driverless vehicles, with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), owned by India’s Tata Motors, also demonstrating a self-driving Range Rover Sport which can automatically overtake slower moving cars.

“The benefits of having cars that can communicate with each other and their surroundings could be very significant — from increased road safety to improved traffic flow,” Reuters quotes Tim Armitage, a project director at UK Autodrive.

Earlier this month, a driverless car was trialled in Milton Keynes for the first time as part of government efforts to create an industry which can serve a worldwide market which it estimates to be worth up to £900m by 2025.



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