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JLR announces trial implementation of GLOSA

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Carmaker Jaguar Land Rover has announced it’s undertaking a trial of vehicle-to-infrastructure technology of Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory to inform a driver the speed they should drive as they approach traffic lights.

The technology allows drivers to know the speed to approach traffic lights when they are green, meaning they don’t have to stop and start, and therefore they use less fuel and cause fewer emissions.

JLR says its goal is “for the V2X revolution to create free-flowing cities with fewer delays and less commuter stress.”

The connected technology is currently being trialled on a Jaguar F-PACE, as part of a £20 million UK Autodrive collaborative research project.

“Like all Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles today, the F-PACE already boasts a wide range of sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) features,” the company says in a statement. “The connected technology trials are enhancing existing ADAS features by increasing the line of sight of a vehicle when it is connected via the internet to other vehicles and infrastructure. GLOSA is being tested alongside a host of other measuresto slash the time commuters spend in traffic.

“For example, Intersection Collision Warning (ICW) alerts drivers when it is unsafe to proceed at a junction. ICW informs drivers if other cars are approaching from another road and can suggest the order in which cars should proceed at a junction.”

JLR says it has also addressed time lost to searching for a parking space by providing real-time information of available spaces to drivers and developed an Emergency Vehicle Warning to alert motorists when a fire engine, police car or ambulance is approaching.


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