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Jenoptik SPECS average speed system wins two awards

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Two routes that have previously been given the title of “most dangerous” roads have won awards for their significant casualty reductions after average speed camera systems were installed.

Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK supplied SPECS cameras to both the A9 Safety Group and the A537 Cat and Fiddle, contributing to the road safety improvements recognised by the judging panel.

Jenoptik says SPECS cameras are now widely proven to have a demonstrable and consistent influence on driver behaviour, driving down casualties through compliance with posted speed limits and a harmonisation of vehicle speeds where they are installed.  

The A9 represents Europe’s longest enforcement system with cameras covering nearly 150 miles of road, involving a mixture of single and dual carriageway sections, running through the centre of Scotland.  

The A537 Cat and Fiddle was the first permanent UK average speed installation to operate in ‘rear facing’ mode, allowing motorcycles to be monitored by cameras viewing their rear number plates.  

In common with all other SPECS systems installed as part of a casualty reduction scheme, the two routes have seen significant reductions to the Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) casualties, with the latest figures  for the A537 showing a 77% reduction and the A9 a 62% reduction.

The A9 and the A537 are not the first SPECS schemes to be recognized with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award – there are now seven projects that have involved the use of SPECS cameras, from 2002, 2006, 2008, 2014 and now two in 2016.

Geoff Collins, Sales & Marketing Director for Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK commented,  “Once again we are delighted to be involved in more award-winning projects, providing further proof that a well designed average speed installation will contribute towards making a dangerous route safer for all road users.”


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