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ITS the solution to Europe’s new border problems – audio

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As the migrant crisis in Europe means previously opened borders are being restricted, an innovative queue management system could be the solution that keeps goods and people moving.

GoSwift, which was initially designed to manage the demand for lorries crossing between the Baltic countries and Russia, provides a border crossing management system meaning lorries don’t have to spend hours waiting for clearance to cross.

Sébastien Mure, from the company, spoke to Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux.

“With the political situation, freight [still] has to move, people have to move,” he said, “so definitely we think that the solution has the potential to answer most of the issues regarding border crossing.”

Drivers can book their crossing “slot” ahead of time so that they know there will be capacity when they reach the crossing, or they can join a virtual “queue” which alerts them when it is time to cross so they can spend the “queueing” time in rest areas or travelling to the border rather than in a long line of vehicles waiting their turn.

And, Sébastien says, it can be used in Britain for example during Operation Stack in Kent: “There is a certain clear opportunity to look into solutions – our mantra is that we solve peak traffic without investing a lot of money in the infrastructure, the GoSwift system is very dynamic, it can answer very quickly to a changing situation where you have trucks who don’t have a preference on using the tunnel or the ferry, they will just adapt to the situation and that is why an ITS solution which is dynamic can answer the solution at really low cost for taxpayers’ money”.

You can hear the full interview here:


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