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Irish government ends car grant for electric vehicles

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The Irish government has ended reportedly the €3,800 grant for businesses purchasing electric cars.

Administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland (SEAI), the grant was on top of the €5,000 tax rebate on Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) on full-electric vehicles.

The Irish Times reports the Department said the decision to discontinue the €3,800 for companies buying electric cars was because “the generous benefit-in-kind tax relief that is available for these vehicles is considered adequate incentive to drive growth in this sector”.

The changes will reportedly apply to all applications received from October 23rd 2019. However the grant will continue for companies purchasing electric vans.

According to The Irish Times a further €3 million has been allocated for new electric vehicle charging infrastructure, bringing the total budget for the Department to €6 million, in addition to €10 million support to develop the public charging network from the Climate Action Fund.


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