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Imtech launches cross-client data sharing software

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Imtech Traffic & Infra has added a new capability to its ImCity Suite which it says has “the growing desire to share valuable data and the more collaborative approach of road authorities” in mind.

Defined as ‘multi-tenancy’, Imtech says the software supports the need for the more efficient use of strategic road networks – helping to improve throughput and traffic flow on key corridors whilst also enabling clients to inform, advise and ultimately influence the behaviour of the road user.

The company adds that it realised its ultimate clients, the travelling public, don’t recognise the boundaries they travel within or across so they saw a need to help provide coordinated information for seamless journeys.

The ImCity Suite Multi-tenancy Facility (ISMF) enables multiple clients to share control and monitoring information for roadside equipment in a tightly controlled manner. For example, it may be that clients wish to enable all neighbouring clients to see the location of and what is displayed on their Variable Message Signs but only to permit control of the signs by their own team and selected neighbours.

“The ISMF has been developed in recognition that road authorities are wishing to maximise the efficiency of their operations through sharing information and control facilities across- boundaries,” says a company statement.  “By knowing what is happening in an adjacent control area (potentially with influence over that area) greater overall network efficiency can be achieved.  In addition, as systems expand to cover a greater scope (e.g. public lighting control), the support team may not grow making the flexibility of control afforded by the ISMF even more beneficial.

“When a client adds an object to an ImCity Suite system they can configure the level of access available to this object for other named clients. Clients can also individually configure their Event Management Systems to send email/SMS to their chosen recipients under defined conditions.  Multi-tenancy currently works for the WebOS2 and RMS cloud based applications and, together with facilities such as integrated Google journey-time measurement and control of public lighting, is unique to the ImCity Suite.”



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