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Highways hero stops runaway car

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A highways worker prevented disaster when he stopped a runaway car in a busy town centre street.

Andy Smith spotted the driver-less Vauxhall Corsa rolling down the road in Torbay and heading for the main shopping area.

Highways mason Smith works for the TOR2 joint venture between Torbay Council and May Gurney.

He told the Herald Express: “It was just one of those things, I saw a car rolling backwards and I thought ‘I better stop that'”.

Smith was rounding the bend near the pedestrian crossing along Tor Hill Road when he saw the Corsa rolling towards him.

He decided to take action after he saw a scaffolder working nearby try to stop the car by getting in, but the door was locked.

He managed to position his work van — a Transit Iveco — to stop the runaway car.

He said: “There was no damage to my vehicle but some to the Corsa.

“It was heading towards the town centre and I thought about the damage it could do if it just kept going.

“There were lots of people around because it was a busy lunchtime.

“I thought for a second ‘I better get out of the way’ but then I thought ‘No’ because if it had gained speed it would have kept going down through the town centre.”

The driver of the Corsa, who worked nearby, came out to see the commotion.

She said that the hand brake was still on but may have failed. Smith said: “She was fine about it and just pleased that I had managed to stop it in time.”


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