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Highways Agency green light for ramp metering

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The Highways Agency has completed work to install traffic lights on three entry slip roads on the A14, to better regulate traffic joining the main carriageway.

The system, known as ramp metering, will help make best use of the existing road network.

The three ramp metering sites are on the:

* Eastbound A14 entry slip road at junction 4, Kettering Road from Rothwell
* Westbound A14 entry slip road at junction 7, the A43 from Kettering
* Westbound A14 entry slip road at junction 8, the A43 from Northampton

Congestion often occurs near junctions where vehicles on entry slip roads attempt to join a heavily trafficked main carriageway.

At these three sites, sensors in the road will monitor congestion and adjust the timing of the new traffic lights. The traffic lights will only be triggered to operate when traffic flows on the main carriageway slow down. When the signals are active drivers must stop at the red lights.

The signal cycle is much quicker than those on urban roads so drivers should be prepared for this. When the signals are green drivers move forward and merge in turn with the main line traffic, as usual.

By releasing just a few vehicles at a time, the traffic lights help prevent the merging and main carriageway traffic from bunching together and forming a bottleneck. Traffic on the slip roads will also be monitored to minimise the possibility of queues forming on the local road network.


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