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HERE introduces new cloud service for management of location data

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The mapping and location platform company HERE Technologies has made available a new product HERE XYZ, a real-time, interoperable and open location data management service.

The company says the service, currently in Beta, fills a major gap for mapmakers and developers of location-aware applications by providing live access to uploaded data, complete flexibility in rendering tools, and cloud services to “share your location data with the world in an instant”.

“HERE XYZ is built for a broad range of developers and users, from students to small and medium businesses, large enterprises, data journalists and cartographers,” it says in a statement. “Developers in large organisations can make rich, interactive maps and location-aware applications that benefit from the robust tools and capabilities of HERE XYZ. Data journalists and cartographers will find the publishing services of HERE XYZ to be indispensable for making maps that require live updates. At the same time, casual users can quickly make simple maps without writing code.”

“Location-awareness is the next big thing for products, applications and services. Successful location-awareness depends, however, on location data management. HERE XYZ allows developers and map makers to maximize their creative energy by making it easy to manage location data,” said Achal Prabhakar, Vice President of Core Map Engineering at HERE Technologies. “Making great maps, serving live location data and creating location-aware apps will soon have one thing in common – HERE XYZ.”

HERE says HERE XYZ is built around a powerful and versatile XYZ Hub API that is delivered as a cloud service and that developers can invoke the XYZ Hub API directly or explore it via the HERE Command Line Interface (HERE CLI). Casual mappers can use the XYZ Hub API, via a web-based graphical interface called XYZ Studio, to visualize data in Hub and for simple map creation. 


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