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Hands-free car successfully navigates through tunnel

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The Australian toll company EastLink has conducted the first demonstration of hands-free driving through freeway tunnels, using the lane keep assist function of a Honda Civic VTi-LX in a tunnel in Melbourne.

Although hands-free driving is currently not allowed on the state’s roads, the demonstration was able to include hands-free driving using lane keep assist because it was conducted while the tunnels were closed to traffic in preparation for scheduled tunnel maintenance.

EastLink corporate affairs and marketing manager Doug Spencer-Roy explained, “The demonstration resulted from the Annual Victorian Self-Driving Vehicle Survey conducted recently by EastLink, in which more than half of the 15,000 respondents rated their awareness of self-driving cars as very little or none.

“EastLink wants to help motorists gain a better understanding of the latest driver assistance functions, and how they will evolve to make self-driving cars possible in the future.

“With driver assistance functions such as lane keep assist expected to improve road safety significantly, we hope that the demonstration encourages motorists to consider the availability of these new vehicle capabilities when choosing their next car,” he added.


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