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GTT wins patent for detection technology

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Global Traffic Technologies has been issued a US patent for its Opticom multimode phase selector technology, which allows traffic signal priority control systems to work with both legacy infrared and modern GPS-enabled communication technologies.

The multimode phase selector is a crucial component for Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and Emergency Vehicle Priority (EVP) systems.  The company says agencies can leverage existing technology when expanding their traffic signal priority systems, so existing IR-based systems can integrate with newer GPS-based systems.

Multimode capabilities allow authorities to cooperate in an easier fashion, in that emergency and public transport vehicles can move from areas with one technology to another without hindering their signal priority requests.  It also says multimode technology enables cities and agencies to “put themselves on a migration path to newer technology, without having to do everything at once”.

GTT’s president Doug Roberts said, “the establishment of this new intellectual property is further evidence of the company’s commitment to technological leadership and customer focus.  We aim to be first to market with products that make a real difference to our customers. The multimode phase selector actively enables different authorities and agencies to work together to help emergency services respond to incidents quickly and safely and it simultaneously helps public transit vehicles to maintain schedule adherence and provide a reliable service for passengers.”

GTT in the UK is currently in talks to bring its priority systems to a city in the Midlands.


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