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GTT uses cellular-enabled detector for priority signalling

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The traffic priority control system company Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) has is introducing a cellular-enabled version of its widely used Opticom multimode phase selector.

CEO Doug Roberts said the added cellular connectivity makes the Opticom model 7614 multimode phase selector an integral part of GTT’s plan to ultimately manage services for thousands of clients.

“As GTT and its dealers continue the move toward ‘turnkey’ solutions for their mutual customers, the 7614 is a key component in making this vision possible,” Roberts said.

The newest addition to GTT’s family of advanced priority control equipment, the company says the 7614 uses the “latest LTE cellular technology to give traffic managers the ability to monitor and manage intersections from their desktop – allowing instant access to critical data and statuses”.  The built-in Ethernet port permits straightforward connectivity to any network-enabled equipment in the cabinet. The 7614 is also backwards compatible with existing Opticom Infrared (IR), GPS and multimode installations, allowing for easy upgrades.

GTT’s Opticom products provide traffic systems with the ability to offer green lights as required to assist in the swift and safe passage of emergency vehicles or to regulate the flow of public transit vehicles.  The model 7614 phase selector is equipped with a 4G LTE cellular modem, providing wireless network connectivity.  With wireless connectivity, transportation managers can more quickly and easily connect traffic infrastructure to a central management centre, without expensive investments in traditional wired networks.  The model 7614 phase selector is compatible with most cellular network providers and GTT offers multiple options to manage cellular provisioning.

GTT provides priority signal control systems for emergency services and transit operators in the US and last month told Smart Highways it is close to announcing its first installation in the UK.


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