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GTT closing in on first UK installation

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The American emergency vehicle priority technology company, Global Traffic Technologies, says it’s ready to deliver its first pilot project in the UK.

GTT has had a dedicated UK presence for more than a year now, and is in advanced discussions with an ambulance trust to implement a system.

Its technology allows emergency vehicles or buses to affect the phasing of traffic lights to optimise journey times.

VP for Europe, Richard Eltze, told Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton one of his first challenges was simply raising awareness of the technology, “talking to the ambulance trusts, out of the 13 only two of them had heard of this capability,” he said, “but the products and brand awareness is growing as expected and the projected revenue is very healthy.”

He added that the challenge remains that the concept needs proving, “the process we go through for an authority to adopt the technology is to educate them, but there are a number of procurement hoops we need to go through.  Typically in North America engagements take three-to-five years to adoption.  We’re only a year into this in the UK and we already have some planned implementations ahead of us.”

You can hear all of Richard’s interview here:


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