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Government criticised for CES small business support

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The Government’s being criticised for a lack of support for start-ups attending the Consumer Electronics Show technology event, which is being described as a “source of embarrassment”.

The BBC quotes event organiser Gary Shapiro, saying he has compared the country unfavourably with France, the Netherlands and Israel, and furthermore says the head of one British firm at the Las Vegas event said the criticism was well-founded.

But the UK’s Department for International Trade said it was providing “targeted support”.

CES is one of the tech calendar’s biggest fixtures and provides companies with a chance to meet and secure orders from retailers, as well as to gain publicity by showing their products to journalists and analysts.

The BBC furthermore says that “there’s going to be a lot of talk and demos of self-driving cars by the big automakers on and off the Las Vegas strip.  But you’ll have to wait for a future CES to find anything road-ready that allows the “driver” to really ignore the steering wheel.  This time round, look instead for new ways to interact with your vehicle.

“BMW will unveil its HoloActiv Touch system, in which motorists use finger gestures to interact with graphics that project out of dashboard screens.  And Continental will demo facial recognition tech that recognises who is driving and adjusts mirror and seat positions accordingly.

“There will also be all kinds of alternative transport ideas including an intelligent scooter that shuts off its power if it detects an accident, a motorised rideable suitcase and the latest versions of the hoverboard.”


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