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Google “spent more than a billion” on driverless research

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Google has “accidentally” revealed it has spent US$1.1bn on research and development into driverless vehicles, through documents being used in the ongoing legal battle between its Waymo business and Uber.

The website Business Standard reports that the number is mention in a recent deposition of Shawn Bananzadeh, a financial analyst at Waymo that was first reported by IEEE Spectrum’s Mark Harris.

It says Bananzadeh was testifying in the ongoing Waymo’s lawsuit against Uberthat claims the ride-hailing company stole intellectual property and trade secrets to develop its own autonomous technology.

It adds that last month, the legal tussle escalated when the court allowed Uber to seek deposition of Alphabet CEO Larry Page for up to four hours.

Waymo filed a lawsuit against Uber earlier in 2017, alleging that the stolen information became the technological basis for the company’s self-driving cars.



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