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Giant new driverless vehicle test track opens in the US

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The giant Mcity driverless-vehicle test track in Ann Arbor, Michigan is scheduled to open today (Monday), setting the stage for increased competition among such tracks in the US, reports Burney Simpson on the “Driverless Transportation” website.

The $6.5 million Mcity boasts 32 acres featuring a simulation of urban and suburban roads with traffic signals, intersections, crosswalks, circles, tunnels, construction sites, buildings, and Potemkin Village-style building fronts. The facility is operated by the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Centre, UMTRI.

The website adds that UMTRI’s partners on the project include such blue-chip autonomous-driving firms as Delphi, Denso, GM, Honda, Ford, Toyota and Xerox.

A number of test tracks have expanded recently in the quest for business from the growing ‘hands-on’ research into autonomous vehicles.


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