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GEWI and iCone announce new Smart Work Zone solution

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The German traffic software company, GEWI has announced a partnership with iCone to deliver a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for managing roadworks zones.iCone products transmit a warning message is generated by the Work Zone equipment, which can be an arrow trailer, crash truck, or other device used for securing accident locations, mowing/sweeping work or other activities along the roadway.

“Obtaining real-time information from Work Zones is a problem worldwide,” commented GEWI founder Hagen Geppert. “Our TIC Software Product makes it possible to collect the many new types of real-time data from Work Zones and make it available to navigation devices, broadcasters, applications and any type of public or private system which requires the data”.

The location and status of this fixed or moving Work Zone data is collected by GEWI’s TIC Software which distributes information via RDS/TMC (Radio Data System/Traffic message Channel) and TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) to the car radios and navigation systems of all road users on the corresponding roadway segment. By providing advanced notification of these activities, driver awareness is heightened. This will result in fewer incident due to increased driver awareness of upcoming Work Zones or other events on and along the roadway.

GEWI’s TIC platform has been used by the world’s government road agencies/operators, police, broadcasters, and commercial traffic service providers since 1997.


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