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France introduces private speed enforcement

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The first private enforcement cars to catch speeding drivers in France have begun patrolling roads in Normandy, ahead of a country-wide rollout. reports that French authorities are under pressure to cut speed-related deaths and are teaming up with private companies which will take the job of catching speeding motorists off the hands of the police with all of the country covered by the middle of 2019.
The report notes that currently French police have mobile speed cameras concealed in 383 unmarked cars, which are responsible for snaring around 1.5 million cars a year, but that a lack of resources means the police cars with mobile cameras are only in use for an average of one hour a day.
It adds that bringing in private firms will mean there there is more possibility for the cars to be out on the roads for much longer, around eight hours at a time on average, and that it will only need one operative compared to the two required when Police are staffing the vehicles.

They also plan to increase the number of cars with installed radars to 450.

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