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Ford develops algorithm to address electric vehicle charging concerns

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Multinational automaker Ford has developed a smart algorithm that could support increased electric vehicle use by identifying the most beneficial places to install charging stations.

Ford has addressed the concern that when it comes to switching to a fully electric vehicle, most people are worried that there will not be enough charging stations.

The automotive company has announced that it has come up with a concept that uses big data to identify the most beneficial places to locate new rapid-charging points.

Ford data scientists have developed an algorithm, based in more than 1 million kilometers of driving data and including where vehicles actually stopped, to pinpoint the places that could help drivers integrate charging within their operating patterns, rather than making special journeys to out-of-the way locations.

After in-depth analysis in Greater London, Ford’s data scientists concluded that it would be possible to significantly improve access to on-the-go charging through deploying a relatively small number of strategically positioned rapid-charging stations.

John Scott, project lead, City Data Solutions, Ford Mobility said, ‘Being able to harness, analyse and leverage the huge amounts of data that is available through existing vehicle use can make a real difference to how easy we find it to get about in the cities of the future.’

Scott added that Ford believes electric vehicles will contribute to cleaner, quieter towns and cities and that with its data, the company wants to help improve investment efficiency into the necessary infrastructure to support this.



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