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FM Conway fits HGV fleet with cycle safety measures

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FM Conway, an operator of one of the largest heavy goods vehicles fleets in London, has adapted its entire fleet to ensure all vehicles have the latest safety measures to provide further protection for cyclists, pedestrians and other road users.

The completion of the company’s retrofit programme coincides with Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s commitment to fine lorry operators £200 per vehicle if they are not fitted with cycle safety equipment.

The company has successfully adapted 144 vehicles over 7.5 tonnes. Each vehicle is fitted with features including side guards that protect cyclists, nearside blind-spot cameras that allow drivers to see real-time images to their left and seven side sensors that detect nearby objects. Improvements also include reversing cameras for the blind spot at the rear of the vehicle, high visibility signs and strobe beacons, and an audible ‘turning left’ warning.

These safety features are complemented by a programme of cycle safety training that all of FM Conway’s drivers have to complete.

Michael Conway, CEO at FM Conway, said: “Our approach to cycle safety is two-fold: upgrading our fleet with advanced protection for cyclists while ensuring all of our drivers have the best possible training to build awareness of vulnerable road users. Retrofitted equipment can eliminate blindspots, and sophisticated training, especially in London, is already leading to greater awareness and understanding from drivers.

“We’re fortunate to be in a position that allows us to spend £1,200 fitting our vehicles with the latest measures. However, many smaller contractors and owner-drivers will struggle to do so, even with the threat of a fine, and it is important that the Government provides them with the support they need to fund safety improvements.”


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