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Flir launches two new safety products at Intertraffic

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FLIR Systems has launched its TrafiOne traffic sensor developed specifically for accurate traffic detection utilising what it says the world’s most advanced low-cost thermal imaging technology.  At Intertraffic Amsterdam, it has also released a new fire detection system for tunnels.

The FLIR TrafiOne uses thermal imaging and Wi-Fi tracking technology to provide traffic engineers with a differentiated, highly reliable solution to detect vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians in urban environments.

Enabled by FLIR’s Lepton thermal imaging technology, the FLIR TrafiOne has the ability to see in total darkness, remain unaffected by shadows, colours and sun glare.  It can operate in poor weather conditions, and detect heat signatures of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles, resulting in lower false alarm rates.  The company says FLIR TrafiOne provides reliable 24/7 traffic detection of intersection activity by sensing when a person, car, or bicycle approaches a crossing, waits at a red light, or intersects a central reservation or crossing.

FLIR says the TrafiOne connects to a city’s traffic signal controller to allow for a more dynamic control of traffic signals based on traffic and pedestrian patterns and intensity.  The FLIR TrafiOne uses Wi-Fi tracking technology to capture detailed traffic flow data, including travel and route times along road segments.  Using traffic flow information, the FLIR TrafiOne can also measure traffic delay times at intersections.  Traffic engineers can access information collected by the FLIR TrafiOne through the cloud to obtain useful traffic insights to aid in their decision making.

“The FLIR TrafiOne will help cities improve traffic flows by utilizing highly accurate thermal imaging technology,” said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR Systems.  “Through the use of Lepton-based thermal sensors connected to a city’s traffic network, the FLIR TrafiOne will help traffic engineers accurately adapt traffic signal timing, reduce vehicle idling time, monitor traffic congestion, and enhance driver safety in a broader range of environmental and lighting conditions.”

Its tunnel fire detection product can spot fires much quicker than traditional thermal methods.  It combines automatic incident detection algorithms with a fire detection because each pixel of the camera is measuring the temperature.

You can hear worldwide marketing VP Stefaan Pinck explaining both products to Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton here:

FLIR is showcasing both products at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016 at booth 10.403.


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