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Flexible car use can deliver future urban mobility, says BVRLA

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The British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association has said that the UK government must support flexible, pay-as-you-go forms of motoring in order to improve the urban environment and encourage people to walk, cycle and use more public transport.

Cars in the City, a new report from the BVRLA and advisory firm Global Counsel, urges policymakers to consider a growing range of car use options, taking account of the different urban environments we travel in and the needs of those making journeys.

‘Most visions of future urban mobility show leafy, virtually car-free streets full of people walking, cycling and using public transport,’ said BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney.

‘This is an exciting future, but how do we get there from today’s situation, where, even in London, the car remains the most popular single mode of travel?’

‘Our towns and cities need a more intelligent, sustainable use of the car. Promoting the use of car rental, car clubs and other flexible types of car use can make that happen,’ concluded Keaney.

The BVRLA said that it believes that this strategy can result in fewer vehicles sitting idle on the kerbside, more electric vehicles on the streets and more affordable transport options for families and businesses struggling with the impending cost of Clean Air Zone compliance.


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