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First Talking Transport podcast from ITS Singapore is here

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The first Talking Transport podcast from the 2019 ITS World Congress in Singapore is live and discusses enforcement, planning and encouraging entrepreneurs with ITS professionals.

The podcasts are sponsored by AGD Systems, Cohda Wireless, HERE, Jenoptik, PTV, SWARCO and WSP.

This episode of Talking Transport discusses Tuesday’s flying taxi demonstrations, how ITS professionals think we should be planning for the mobility of tomorrow and collaborations possibilities in Asia-Pacific.

Professor Eric Sampson gives his suggestions for which sessions, demonstrations and exhibitions, he feels are a ‘must-see’. “Let me just stress that these recommendations are a personal choice,” Sampson says. “First of all on Tuesday there is the ITSS  cyber-security session, this is one of the associated events it’s been organised for some time now by Dean Zabrieszach from Australia and it’s a gathering of 12 cyber-security experts to debate the big issues.”

“The MaaS summit is also running for half a day and there is a session about dynamic space charging,” Sampson suggests.

Talking Transport also speaks to Volocopter’s founder, Alex Zosel about its demonstration flight and first use of the Voloport prototype. You can read more about the Volocopter and its demonstrations at Singapore here.

The podcast also speaks to ITS (UK) Secretary General Jennie Martin to talk about how traffic in Singapore compares to the UK. “There are some really great parallels to do with congestion, and often in Europe there aren’t really any parallels to London, so it’s really quite interesting to be somewhere where you can really see them,” Martin explains to Talking Transport.

Click here to listen to the whole podcast.


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